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Shawarma Machine

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Shawarma Machine such as Two Burner Shawarma Machine, Three Burner Shawarma Machine, Six Burner Shawarma Machine and Imported Burner.

Three Burner Shawarma Machine

We are the pioneers and leading manufactures of Three Burner Shawarma Machine. Our shawarma machines are made of full Stainless steel with gas fired infra red burners imported from lebanon which are the in the world with high heat output and long life. Our shawarma machines are highly reliable,heavy duty and designed to operate under high gas pressure.

We have various models of shawarma machines:

  • Basic model 2 burner shawarma machine.
  • Basic 3 burner shawarma machine.
  • 3 burner shawarma machine with motor.
  • 6 burner shawarma machine - which give you the flexibility to have both lahm and chicken shawarmas side by side.
  • These machines are highly reliable and have been purchased by many reputed restaurants and hotels all over india

Shawarma Machine

  • We use imported VC-9 classic burner which is commonly used on shawarma machine and very well known in markets all over the world.
  • It is a heavy duty burner with ceramic tiles as burner media
  • The burner house and frame material is zincore steel which is a rust free material
  • The wire mesh on the surface acts as a reverberating screen and radiant body
  • Develops burner face temperature up to 950 °C
  • These burner operate on LPG butane or propane gas and they are atmospherically ventilated
  • Fuel efficient, easy to maintenance